As a complement to our engineering services, we also conduct training seminars and mentoring sessions where we share our experience with our customers.


    • Customer specific condensed training/consulting
    • Quick results for “hot” projects
    • Validation for customer specific conditions
    • Kx provides the customer with the simulation report and database
    • Kx conducts a detailed web-based meeting/training reviewing specific simulation methods and results
    • Invitation to attend Web Based training at a discounted price

Introduction Web Based

    • Five day web training
    • 1.5 hour session each day
    • Covers full course content including self-paced, off-line exercises
    • Kx provides Web Collaboration arrangements including a toll free teleconference
    • Course training materials, notes, and exercises available in electronic format.
    • Kx provides training certificates


    • Timeframe varies based on ANSYS training requested
    • Customer selected training facilities
    • Kx provides training manual and workshop materials

Kx Offices

    • Timeframe varies based on ANSYS training requested
    • Kx training facilities in Cincinnati, OH
    • Kx provides training manual and workshop materials


    • Kx provides long term training solutions that offer multiple opportunities for designers, engineers, and analysts alike to advance their engineering knowledge set.
    • This is a training program typically established for large corporations looking to offer ANSYS training to many individuals.
    • Training seminars conducted on-site at customer selected training facilities
    • Training schedule can range from monthly to quarterly to annually.
    • Training materials/content can range from ANSYS standard materials for the topic of interest to fully customized customer/application specific.