Design Engineering for the Aerospace Industry

Kx has completed a large variety of projects for the aerospace industry ranging from short-term assignments with focus on quick turn-around to long-term engagements where Kx engineers act as an extensions of our customers’ engineering staff with project scopes extending beyond 1 year.

Below are just a few highlights of the work we have done:

    • Developed methodology for analysis of mutually exclusive time and temperature dependent film coefficients to capture “spike” heat transfer in fuel nozzles.
    • Transient thermal/structural analyses of exhaust nozzle components including mission data loading.
    • Repair and preparation of a variety of complex turbine and nozzle geometries for clean translation into analysis model.
    • Kx has been instrumental in providing engineering simulation in support of certifying multiple aircraft engines for a variety of manufacturers.
    • Automation of parametric calculation methods for sonic fatigue, ply failure, buckling and crippling, thermal loads in splices and edge bands, and inter-rivet buckling.
    • Provided high-end analysis for complex engine structures including Limit/Ultimate analysis, Fan Blade Out, Windmill, and both Low Cycle and High Cycle Fatigue.